oh hi guys, lets roll through the past week with my photographic life aka going out when im “busy” heuheuheheheuhehue/saturation… not an awesome school week but a fun non-school week..
went to tenrens? took this pix while waiting for fewd… tenrens had fewdd?

joeyao had her photoproject. members all participated.
last time i played iidx :[ forever living with my desktop to play iidx.
half&half ❤ its really good.
got a cat who likes toms :3
sister came back
lookedaround and did a few coolthings
and then went to adrenaline concert

asdawd v

overall the concert was pretty fun. gravity core final concert :p
concert photography is definitely hard. gotta be super stable or pushing high iso’s to get that faster shutterspeed. most of my shots were with my 85.. so i had an advantage with the lowlight but i feel like a 50 1.2/1.4 owuld have been overall better and easier for me to take some not single photos.. head over to to maybe see his perspective at the concert as well (mainly shot on 60mm f/2 macro lens) and some shot through a 24-70. anyways concert photography is all about wide angles and awesome style. composition makes for intense scenes but its harder to compose when people are rocking out. just feel the scene and it shoudl come naturally. glass definitely plays a bigger part in lowlight concertphotography than body.
the week starts again tuesday.


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