the past 4 days…. have been the longest four days of my life… but in a good way..

took some pictures as freehire @ lesteph’s house of their valentines chocolatestrawberry creations..they were pretty delicious i must say.
always liked the idea of being surrounded by lit-umbrella’s. nala is not amused.
some of those chocolates on thedaybefore valentinesday
and then on the dayof i was actually working at a wedding. congratulations to kelly and steve! i hope for the best in your future together.

unfortunately i didnt snap any pix of the wedding because i was working on the videoside of the wedding…
i dont exactly have any tips to tell today for somereason… but i guess…

while i was workign on the video side, confidence is seriously the key the better footage.. when i first got to the wedding reception, i wasnt confident that i would get good footage but as the day passed by i was more confident and it felt more and more easier.. although i still question if my videos are gunna actually be useable but… i hope they are loll. it was definitely a fun experience.

uhh cooltips #2 or 3 or over9000? creativity plays a HUGE part in wedding photographers… visions of what i had for photos vs what the wedding photographer (erin who is extremely talented and shes fun) were completely different.. especially her assistant joy who had major ideas as well… but having such visions of creative poses during the getting ready session, bride/groom shots, pre ceremony, and during the ceremony and finally the reception after the ceremony. its honestly alot more work than i would have though and the whole process of doing by myself seems like a ridiculous motion.. gunna definitely have to hire an assistant and im definitely undercharging in my rate. but thats all the learning process.. this experience gave me confidence as a photographer and confidence to actually pursue this hobby as a career and future profession.

more insight i guess…
most of the lenses that they were both shooting on were the 501.2 and 702002.8is..(not sure if it was mk2 but was whitelens nonetheless) and they were shooting on FF… i didnt have the chance to actually look at their work because i didnt want to bother their workflow but it seemed like they were comfortable with the lens setup. especially during lowlight scenes, the 1.2 played a huge part, as well as my 85… that day was the first time i actually acknowledged that my 85 wasnt a bad choice. i took videos without having to bump up the iso ridiculously high. lowlight lenses are definitely a must in wedding situations.

thats all for now ;p


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