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so its been two weeks once again. did i die? did i forget? did i become lazy? or did i just not have enough time….
NONE of those are the right answers. i was actually waiting for something interesting to post about but chinese newyears alone wasnt good enough imo.

some taiko drum action..
did some creativity sessions @ BSC(CPP) and got the meanest passive-aggressive statement ever.
got a little better with postprocessing.. before to each its own. i like the edited version better. sepia tones arent really my thing anymore.
caught some cat half&half action :3 sometimes cat can be a qtp model too. good thing i had a fast lens on lolll
and finally.. the main reason i wanted to update.
this magical cube is chocolate.. and not just any chocolate.. its godly chocolate. photos dont give it enough justice to show how delicious these little monsters are. pricing is quite expensive…(two pieces were close to 5 dollars X_X) but definitely worth it. gunna maybe print these out and give the owner a copy just for show and appreciation. ❤ glad i went out on a mission to take photos of chocolates kinda.

anyways i constructed a product softbox style to take these photos… nothing spectacular.. used a slightly cut panera cakebox taped up to have the upright position. backdrop/base is actually normal 8×11.5 white paper and hand holding both speedlites probably less than 1/32 pwr…
anybody can achieve these results with a little photoshop/ lamps+whitebalance/ desk light.
just make sure to use a tripod or equiv. and make sure the focus is where YOU think it should be.. because whats a photo without your own style :3
only bought two pieces because i was skeptical but im probably gunna buy 1 of each just to take pictures of ❤ lollll
more of them on le flickr

guide on how to take simple product shots? :\ only if it helps.
heres a pix of me

dont use direct flash unless you want that hard contrasted style.


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