still a self portrait kindaguy.
so.. in less than a week, my 365 project is coming to an end.. ill make a sappy love letter after.

anyways its the new year! i can honestly say i have changed but not for the better or for the worse but just a change in general.

so i guess itstime for those resolutions that only last for a few months but i figured.. i think i can set realistic goals about resolutions…
1. fix my attitude.
i know that most people avoid me because my attitude is generally pretty crappy and monotone.. so for my first resolution im going to make a difference or atleast put an effort to try alittle more.. probably wont see a change but if it means enough to me.. ill be able to do it.

2. be less outspoken with truthful things.
im pretty blunt with my observations but people apparently dont like hearing the truth. i did pretty good but apparently its not that right thing to do.. so i guess i can be more reserved with my comments and hopefully it’ll fix my attitude as well.

3. be more selfish
under normal circumstances… this is a terrible resolution.. but to me… being selfish is enjoying yourself once in a while without having to worry about the sake of others… stressing myself out trying to make the world the best place in my world… i want to be able to not care.. but thats just wishful thinking and i dont think i can leave any thing alone once ive connected in one way or another.\\

4. gain weight
nuff sed. if you dont know me.. im athletically skinny. i exercise YET i dont gain weight. envious glares but all it takes is a little commitment and self-preservation comes naturally. health conscious people know that eating right can gain/lose weight but my body doesnt function correctly sometimes. so this year i want to go into a higher weight class.

and anythign else is just statements that i want to change about me.
anyways happy new years! i hope everybody finds the strength to help another find their strength.

peaces 2010, 2011 can be my friend now.


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