photography rant

im all for people doing photography.. but seriously? everybody can be a photographer… but not everybody can take good exposures. i for one dont take good exposures but i know what photography is. i encourage people to grab a camera, get up and go take pictures out side but i mean dont take shitty photos… i know i take shitty photos but at least i photoshop mine to make it look a little better. also i hate people who thikning theyre on completely different levels than you regarding photography and have that bullshit egotistical air about them. whenever people ask me photography questions i always help but when you try to ask those kinda people about photography stuff, they just tell you LOLZ ur a nub fuck off and learn it yourself. god i hate those people -_- tbh i learned photography all by myself by going outthere and exploring. i maybe not be the best photographer in the area.. but i know enough to be considered decent. photographers, dancers, hipsters, cool kids, and finally egotistical faggots that think You in particular suck shit PIss the FUCK out of me. god


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