Shiki No Uta

i remember staying up late night to watch samurai champloo and that was back in 2005… and i cant believe that single anime influenced my musical tastes by so much.. truly japanese hiphop must have come a long way because maybe it was just the beats or even the vocals that brought me to listen to this master of music.. Seba Jun.. otherwise known as Nujabes past away recently.. and i believe compared to the king of pop.. nujabes was the prince of underground hiphop. definitely this man knew what was up and definitely stuck to it. not being such an avid fan as i was before… he’ll definitely be missed because i still listen to lady brown, F.I.L.O, and others.. and i can say kujaku was definitely my second favorite song (aside from shiki no uta).. damn what a sad story to hear that a music genius has left us all alone in this synthetic world… one day i hope to hear somebody as original as him.. my ears will be waiting

Rest in peace Nujabes.


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