is it questionable that i like the song that lady gaga sings.. because she has a penis? i mean i thought her other songs werent Terrible but shes still carrying a penis like its part of her body… not that she can detach it or anything ~_~ like alot of her songs are weird and her choice of style is absolutely cuttingedge with all those cutting edgy ness of her image. she can looks pretty gud at times but shes still a he and i question that if im a fag for acknowledging lady gaga or just listening to lady gaga… :\ god must be playing mind games on me because hes asking a trick question in my life.

lady gaga’s bad romance is pretty gud imo
“its like a cat choreographed the dance or something ~_~” -aeonblue

btdubz.. is lady gaga flashing her penis at 1:06??? o_O


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