like every song i ignored in the past and suddenly started to like.. 4minutes – what a girl wants is suddenly becoming a song i actively search for while im in audio viewing mode. although the song has terrible lyrics with the great engrish.. but the beat is different. i dunno why its delicious for a song but i keep listening to it more often than before.

recently alot of artists released albums and such over the course of this month.. such as clazziquai’s new album, t-ara’s new album, after school’s new album, k.will’s new album and other artists… kpop scene is expanding and electro scene is slowly dying out =\

need some new artists for electro.. should look through the recommended artists through my last.fm
been trying to find some thieves like us remixes.. and three finger remixes.. and in general new artists to become addicted to. halpz me out


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