yesterday was a sad day for anybody who graduated before 09 in dbhs cause the news that shook diamond bar highschool was that rick lorenzen or Mr. L had died the on sunday. tbh i was like z0mg rly? he died? cause.. cmon. hes rick richard dick lorenzen. hes a fkin god who can get girls at age 50 -_- how the FUCK do you do that? very carefully thats how. he was a genius in the music world and im sure everybody who knew him had some kind of nostalgic memory of him either him yelling at the band to get ready, joking around about the flutes being used as a baton, or just talking about his theory of music. he was something i looked up to as a music director and not soemthing we would just call another teacher like acc. watching jekyll and hyde again for the first time in 2 years really made me say like “wow… we were fucking great..” i wouldnt say our 3rd year was that good because it was boring but its rick lorenzens work. he made his own music which in itself was amazing cause composing something is hard =[ but whatever. hes gone 4lyfe and only be in our memories…. rip mr.L
rick lorenzen


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