the market place is a crowded place all the time and sometimes people have to share tables… and today i was that sometime.. today 2 girls are sitting with me in my table randomly..but being the hospitality major i am ;D i said hawkz and they just sat down and moved when the time came and there was space available. but it was the most awkward 2 minutes of my market place history.

the girls arent even good looking ~_~ but the girl has a k3wl laptop sticker so she can just be whatever.

anyways sherry jenix is a sf4 player and shes taken the internet video website called youtube by storm by the sf4 community she can do amazing full parry and dodge otaku players

how merciful i am to be able to see this goddess in person errdai ~~ but i lulz @ her everytime i see her cause i just want to hear her go like “z0mg no you can nawt~!” laff@sherryjenix (shes kind of a weird girl but then again.. she games and does k3wl things so shes weirdcause she does k3wl things that arent girl stawff)


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