zzzzzzz0mggggggggg choi jin yi <333333333 rumble fish is freakingggggggg pro. choi jin yi = best voice in the industry. anwyays shes a cutie

rumble fish 4th
on the other note if you all noticed… on the image part of firefox (all you mac users can suck it????? what?? i think apple sucks enough to be n00b friendly but it runs vista better than pc’s??? and has pro djprograms… but macs suck? what? terrible laptops = overpriced??? dont buy a mac <3) address bar… i changed the image~ to an ultracutie ❤

the world seems to know alot more about memes and random ass stuff nowadays… like the controversy about this kid name ballooon boy? he built like some fkin foil balloon and went off into space or some shit like that? wtf.. who does that ~_~ anyways the news was capturing him like some rare pokezman and then he was found and then the world started to revolve again… but for everybody who does know me in person… come visit pan0ra br43d which is panera bread when i work ^_^ cause i love seeing people and complaining about the retarded people i meet when theyre ordering ;D

man.. pretty long post today .. dunno whyy its so long but whateverzmang i d0 as i wantz homie nigguh peacezout~!

*heard that paranormal activity movie is something like scary or something…


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