*in reference to the post below..* the album is rdy4 anybody who wants to review/enjoy comments are welcome and stawf<3

anyways.. ive come to realize that.. i am not pokemon master..cause my team is obviously one sided, doesnt have a higher winrate than 60% and is reallllllllllllllllllly one sided. it only beats noobs and doesnt beat good people so its really bad.. and ive come to the conclusion that i need more than 1 team now. so its back to the books for OU and time to create the monsterous set that can be accepted into the family of TeaM|RyaN. my first OU team is outrageously retarded when it comes to going against noobs and the only thing that can stop it is probably a focus sash'd salamence using earthquake or fireblast.. or a focus sash'd metagross using earthquake or fire punch… or something else that resists an extremespeed.. or something but regardless if i cant even set it up before hand.. i cant even win. so ive come to the conclusion i need 2 or more teams

cause once i get into tourny's, people are gunna be using different teams and researching my teams and imma nerd it out on their team and their strategies and then imma win secretly but i need to adapt to certain situations so imma just make new teams and become the very best that no one ever was…..

fuck you


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